Name : Prima Yogi Loviniltra

Nick : jurank_dankkal

Mobile : +60166400385 (Only SMS Allowed)

Nationality : Indonesia

Current City : Kuala Lumpur

OS : Fedora 15

Email :

  • me

Education :

National University of Malaysia

-Science and Database Management-

Technical :

Platforms : Linux, Windows, Mac and a little FreeBSD

Concepts : Database (specialized in Oracle) , Server, Operating System (specialized in Linux), Programing, Web Development

Project :

1. Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia

Name of Group : Project Luminous

Name of Project : i-Luminous

Description :Do you ever imagine how the world of people with disabilities? Do you have intention to make their life better? Paralysis is the one for the most common disabilities happen in the world. Paralysis is conditions where the person does not have the abilities to move one or more muscles. In general cases, the person that experiencing paralysis would loss feeling and sensation in the affected area. Some of the main causes to paralysis are due to the worldwide disease such as stroke which usually affects the adults and polio which affect children. Polio is one of the contributors towards children mortality. Other related causes like trauma, some other diseases and poisoning can lead to this condition. Paralysis can be temporary and also permanent. So, our project is to give a new life for the paralysis people so they can make their life more meaningful even though they have to lay on the bed or wheelchair. We will introduce software that can track the eye movement so they can conduct some simple instruction on basic need by themselves, for example if they are hungry or need to urinate, they can use their eyes/iris movement to make a command. This software would be handy towards paralyse people. By the future, this software will be implemented in hospitals which handling paralyses people.


Position : Club President

Description :

Short History

It’s all started from a discussion about how to maximize and utilize our hobbies in computers, in technology, in open source. Yogi, a guy who never uses Windows from the beginning, have enjoyed the advantages and creativity-inducing side of open source and wants to share all of these advantages and attract more people in using open source. In his open source journey, he found support from faculty senior named Nur Husna who talk him into founding an open source club. In starting something new, he found support from two of his friends Dean Nazmuddin & Gagah Putra Arifianto, who later became two co-founders who helped him conceptualize how to run the club.

6 Months later, NUMOSS is born.

What is It?

NUMOSS, short for National University of Malaysia Open Source Society, is a club where students of UKM can gather to discuss, share and learn everything about open source in a 2 hour weekly meeting format.

NUMOSS logo, designed by our very own Dean Nazmuddin, reflects our mission in adopting open source philosophy while still maintaining reflexibility in teaching and promoting the use of open source for university students. We are consistent in trying to shape and create students that can be evangelist and agents of change for open source, whether it’s in university, or nationwide settings.

Why believe in Open Source? This question can be heard everywhere as domination of closed source products such as windows filled our daily lives. Nobody, it seems use Ubuntu, Fedora or OpenSUSE as their daily operating system, yet without us realizing, these open source products actually has role in every parts of our daily life. And companies everywhere are considering switching to open source, for better cost effectiveness.

Then how can we achieve what we need to achieve? This club is only a start, but we believe that by seriously dedicating ourselves in the spreading of open source philosophy, we are actually making an improvements in the whole computing infrastructure of Malaysia. That’s our most important mission. We are making something small from a small HQ in UKM, to finally impact Malaysia as a whole.

3. NUMOSS Across Borders

Position : Supervisor

Description :

As defined as the project name, NUMOSS / Across Borders is a an initiative from NUMOSS for the community out from the institute.


Across Borders is an idea triggered and implemented into NUMOSS by our Organizational Design advisor, Dr. Zarina Shukor. This idea is then developed and organized by the Club Executive Secretary, Dean Nazmuddin, which later then act as the Project Director for NUMOSS / Across Borders. Proposed in October 06, 2011, after Computer Science Theory class teached by Dr. Zarina, this project is officially run on October 21, during the NUMOSS Ubuntu 11.10 Release Party where the the members are recruited as the executive board for Across Borders.


It’s a program where we act as a facilitators in exposing particular community to Open Source solutions. Our target community would be the community of Kampungs where we assume that they have some knowledge in IT and we gi…ve them an approach to Open Source. It’s more to a community service done by an organization of FTSM and at the same time, exposing the members of NUMOSS to the real situation where they can improve their team-leadership, communication, problem-based thinking, creative-innovation, socialization and management skills while simultaneously adopting lifetime learning.

This project will be organized by the members of NUMOSS itself. They will work on the proposal, management, procedural and tactical progress in making this project a success.

However, the members have to be well prepared with the basic and intermediate understanding in Open Source implementation. So the theory teachings (which are done 2 hours weekly) will be accounted in their preparations for this final project.

To gain their credit hours under this club, they have to participate in this EOB Project as the either as the project management council (forgot la the English term for AJK) and also as facilitators. Evaluation will be done according to the commitment of the members towards this club and also this project.

So, it’s advised for you guys to join this project or else you will only get the theory in the class but lacks of real-time experiences (and also there’s no LC). find what is your strength and commitment to make this project successful and we’ll discuss more on this week gathering.

Other :

1. Club President at NUMOSS (National University of Malaysia)

2. Founder and Administrator at Sumatra Hacker United

3. Staff Open Source Development at Tecon-Crew

4. Staff at Backtrack Indonesia

5. Runner at ACM-ICPC 2010 Malaysia;Programming Chalenge

6. Member of Project Management at AIESEC National University of Malaysia

7. Candidate Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia (Project Luminous)

8. Participant Seminar Windows Azure 2011 at Microsoft Office KLCC

9. Former company employee Makebecool ( )

10. Pembicara bertema ‘Open Source’ dalam Open Day FTSM 2011 (Download SLide)

11. Exco ICT PERsatuan MAhasiswa FTSM, National University of Malaysia